Identify Issues of Equality and Diversity and Ways to Promote Inclusion.

? Identify issues of equality and diversity and ways to promote inclusion.
Looking at equality and diversity is an extremely large subject covered by legislation including the Equality Act 2010 which covers the following
? Race (including ethnic or national origins, colour and nationality)
? Sex
? Sexual orientation
? Disability
? Religion or belief (including lack of belief)
? Gender reassignment (trans-sexuality)
? Pregnancy and maternity
? Marriage and civil partnership
? Age
So in the context of learners I have to look at:
? Entitlement
All students are entitled having their work marked and returned to them in a reasonable time. When marking work it is crucial to return it to students with outcomes positive or constructive so that they have an understanding of their own progress and if it requires any alteration it can be done whilst it is relatively still fresh in their minds. Any complaints should be dealt with quickly and sympathetically. That students have access to the awarding bodies appeals procedures. Support for any learning difficulties and or disabilities. Information with regards to any changes in teaching sessions allowing students enough time to amend any changes they need to make within their own personal lives. Students are entitled to financial advice, and health and safety procedures in their place of study.
? Equality and Diversity
Treating all learners fairly and with equal respect, this ensures that all leaners are given the same opportunities, it may mean that they may have different levels of attainment or may have extra session where needed but they are treated fairly in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the individual learner. Giving learners the opportunity to participate on equal terms and with an equal expectation of success.

? Inclusion
Engaging all learners, involving all learners in relevant activities, this would be identifying were learners may need extra support and providing that support too include them in each session. This could be as simple as providing hand-outs on a coloured paper for someone with dyslexia to be involved in each session. Or providing a Dictaphone for the individual to complete assignments whereby someone else will do the transcript for evidence, therefore not excluding. It could be recognising different cultural needs maybe food preparation or how desks are situated with reference to facing mecca etc.
? Differentiation
Acknowledging and celebrating the diversity in a group of learners, this is including and celebrating different cultures, race, sexuality, gender, age and religious beliefs. Treating each other with respect and understanding and including each and every person regardless. It is matching what is on offer with the needs of the student. Personalisation, planning to meet the needs and styles of individual learners, I have promoted different learning styles to meet the needs of students and will endeavour to continue to do so.
? Personal Professional development
Keeping up to date with subject developments is a must when working within the public teaching sector. I believe that it is essential to update my own skills and knowledge, through Research and training. Being well prepared Planning is an integral part of teaching, being unprepared allows for mistakes and no flexibility to deal with a crisis or sudden change.

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