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Take Home Essay Assignment #1 PHIL 1010 Tri-C Kondik
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Guidelines: Write well crafted essays using a 12 point standard font such as Times New Roman or Arial (other normal fonts are acceptable). Also, be sure to double space your essays as well. I also strongly recommend that you cite appropriate quotes from the textbook when relevant. Outside research is not explicitly required, although it would strongly aid any of these essays. If you email me your papers, title the attachment with your first and last name along with ???E1??? after your name.

Email: [email protected]

Due Date: Friday March 25??™th @ Midnight

Instructions: Pick any three out of the five essay prompts. I expect around 1 to 2 pages for each response. Less may suffice provided it is exceptionally concise and well formulated. Each essay will be worth 30 points + ten points for following the formatting guidelines. (100 total)

1. Fully explain the concept of Ockham??™s Razor and how it is primarily derived from Aristotelian modes of thought. Additionally, discuss Ockham??™s metaphysical views. Do you agree with Ockham??™s stance on metaphysical views Why or why not

2. Pick any three Pre-Socratic philosophers and discuss their views of what the primary substance is. In addition, describe how each theory is more rationalist or empiricist in character. Which view is the best Why

3. Discuss the views of Socrates and Plato in regards to what the best political system should be. Most of your essay should concentrate on the ideas of Plato.

Do you favor Plato??™s ideas about the ideal state Why or why not

4. Describe the Aristotelian world view advocated by St. Thomas Aquinas. In addition explain how Aquinas modifies Aristotle??™s system to be compatible with a Christian worldview. What do you think of Aquinas??™s modifications to Aristotle??™s original system

5. Pick any heresy from the following (Gnosticism, Manichaean, Arian, Pelagian). Describe the heresy along with the traditional Christian response or the original problem that the heresy responded to. Which view is better Why do you think that way


Write one additional essay for up to ten points in extra credit.

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