Humanities Visit

Humanities Visit

Identify the space
The place I choice to write is not only interesting but an important part of history. This place is the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. The Museum is located in North Carolina mountain area. The Museum is full of artifacts from the Cherokee Indian ancestors. There are countless paintings through the Museum, many of which are painted with bright beautiful colors. It also contains statues of famous Cherokee Indians and stories telling of how they lived before settlers came over from Europe.

Humanities Focus
Like many cultures in the class??™s text book the Cherokee Indians are in paintings and statues so to be remembered. Every painting tells a story with beautiful and eloquent designs. The art shows a part of the Cherokee culture. Such as a painting showing how the Cherokee people would stalk and attack their prey such as deer or fish. Most if not all of the art work and historical artifacts depict what life was like for the people of the Cherokee nation before the trail of tears. The trail of tears is the true story of how the Cherokee people where forced of their native lands and forced to move elsewhere in the U.S.

Cultural context
Many people each year travel to Cherokee to visit the place of the famous Cherokee Indians and also to relax while on vacation. Tourism is a very important part of Cherokee North Carolina. It is especially important for the Cherokee community. Tourism greats jobs for the locals and history lessons and entertainment for the tourist. Within Cherokee some people do festive Cherokee dances both part of culture and tourism. The museum is however one of the biggest parts to the Cherokee tourism industry, a long side with an amusement park called Ghost Town. Without tourism people would stop learning of the Cherokee culture and the community would lose many sources of income.

Cultural Significance
I am attracted to the Cherokee culture and land because I have Cherokee ancestors myself. Matter of fact many people in my community, which is actually not in Cherokee, also have Cherokee ancestors. For reason many of my friends visit Cherokee. Some go to find their roots and others for a relaxing vacation. Nationally the museum is seen as a Cherokee land mark like the White House in D.C. Also Cherokee is nationally recognized as an Indian reservation, where they have their own laws and rules. Although most of the rules are identical to the regular US laws, there are a few that differ. For example, the selling of alcoholic beverages is illegal on the Cherokee reservation. Throughout all of my travels I have found this place to be one of the most interesting places.

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