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Humanities Today Paper
Kavonne Martin

Humanities Today Paper
Humanities is a part of everyone cultural background. Humanities is what establishes a culture. The humanizes reflects a culture??™s values, interest, belief, interest, events, traditions, environments, accomplishments, failures, life (teacher). This paper will explain what ???the humanities??? are and provide examples of the humanities in the American people time current time.

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The Humanities

???The Humanities enables us to reflect upon our lives and ask fundamental questions of value, purpose, and meaning in a rigorous and systematic way ??? (Mass Humanities, 2011). The humanities consists of literature, visual arts, architecture, philosophy, music and performing arts. Humanities allow people to think more critically and about the issues in their society. Understanding humanities help people to appreciate the experience and cultures of others (Mass Humanities, 2011).

Use of Humanities Today

First music is a part the humanities that has become more and more intricate. Currently, music is divided into six recognizable period: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth Century. Each period brought their own style to the American. The Medieval period brought the music notation. The Renaissance period added religious composition called motets to the American culture. In the Baroque period is where the opera was invented. The opera form that is known currently began to coalesce out of experiments by Renaissance musicians and composers. Opera emulates a power of ancient music and drama (Soergel, 2005). Currently , more styles of music have been developed to allow people to express themselves such as hip hop, rhythm and blues, rap, pop, jazz, and heavy metal.

In today??™s society dance is still convey the same message as before in the past. People had dances for all types of events such as religious funeral processions, wars, hunting, medicine, for health and fertility. One of the most known styles of dance that is still as important today is the ballet. The ballet is a dance that has a story line. (Soergel, 2005).
The ballet dance style still many practice his or he lives to perform in the ballet. Although, the ballet was very proper as everything else in the world dancing went through many styles. In the 1930s the Peabody and foxtrot, the 1940s the jitterbug, and 1950 the stroll, mashed potatoes, and the cha-cha, music change with ever period. (Soergel, 2005) Currently, the new dance style are __________________.

Another part humanities that many don??™t recognize is the religion. Some people don??™t under a person religious preference has a major impact on a person??™s culture. One of the music world wide known religious humanities that has been use to century is the King James Bible. The King James Version is one of the greatest influence to the English language. Many children learned to read by mouthing the word from the only book many possessed in the early 1600s.. The translating of the bible in the English open many people to a wide range of literary types. The Bible includes historical narratives, personal letters, official documents, proverbs, and poems. The King James Version has been an inspiration to poets, dramatist, artists, and politicians (McGrath, 2001)


Humanities shape a society??™s culture. Humanities has a variety of parts, music, visual art, performing art, and religion. Music started out has simple, but now is more intricate. Dance today is still use to convey a message of what a society??™s culture. The Bible still have a major influence on the American culture. Humanities is what helps shape the human experience of exploring, assessing, and interpreting a certain culture (Mass Humanities, 2011).


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